Flying above…..San Jose and Honolulu

Some of you might know, over the last year I’ve developed an addiction to airline status and miles. Looking at it objectively, it is rather bizarre and quite possibly a bit sick. That said, I’ve decided to be OK with it and jump in head first. One doesn’t know how long they might hold their fortunate ability to afford such things, so with some careful financial planning, I am putting in my miles and enjoying it to the fullest.

March 5, 2013 I’m currently flying first class to Honolulu via Alaska. This is my first time on Alaska to Hawaii and was excited to see when they bumped me to first class. For some reason, I seem to be getting bumped more often then not, which is a definite bonus when traveling. To get to HNL, I flew to San Jose yesterday and stayed the night. I purchased my “hotel” via Priceline for $59 plus fees. The hotel, called the San Jose Garden Inn (not affiliated with the Hilton brand) was quite an interesting joint. Priceline lists the hotel as 3 star, but this is being extremely generous. Any place with a non-flat screen TV shoved into an awkwardly situated cubby is a 2 star in my book. There was a funky, musty odor in the building and the bathroom was a la 60’s tiling, etc. That said, it was comfortable enough and I slept OK – only a minor kink in the neck. I’ve taken a few pictures and attached. Alaska Airlines flight to HNL. Boarding was delayed a bit, but a decent mimosa was served during boarding. Flight attendants are pleasant and attentive. Food served today was a Macadamia Nut Crusted Cod with a pesto cous cous and yellow squash. The appetizer was Chinese BBQ with a cucumber salad. Both were quite edible. A small dessert called a chocolate pot de Crème was served. It is the perfect size after all that food. If flying this flight, I suggest the red wine, which was quite tasty. My hotel this evening will be the Coconut Waikiki Hotel. With just a one night stay, I’m looking forward to this boutique hotel.


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